Create sustainable behaviour change in your employees by giving them access to an online coaching experience

Each module is designed to create sustainable change through self-awareness, self-reflection and accountability. We do this using quick and easy self-assessment questionnaires and micro-coaching exercises. Anyone who takes the module will receive a personalised profile based upon their assessment responses and they are given targeted micro-coaching exercises tailored to their results. They are also given the opportunity to make commitments to change using our goal setting and habit tracking process.

Using self-discovery questionnaires, you can give your employees an insight into how their mindset works. Carefully crafted questions unlock hidden thoughts and feelings which drive our behaviours. Based on the user’s responses we are able to produce a profile which helps your employees to understand themselves better and begin their journey for sustainable change and self-improvement.


"I absolutely love Mindset, it’s a great way to invest in your people in a fun, engaging and cost-effective way. It absolutely enables those who are hungry for personal development to have the opportunity at their fingertips. The gaping hole in the market has just been filled."

Michelle Reid, HR Director, Institute of Occupational Medicine 

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What does that even mean? Good question. We have developed bite-sized coaching exercises which can be taken in a single sitting. Appealing to our shorter attention spans and busy schedules. Because the coaching is tailored to the individual responses to the questionnaires it means it is as effective as possible. And lots of small micro coaching exercises spread out over time lead to effective sustainable change.

Once you understand yourself better, and you’ve completed the coaching exercises you can make commitments to change and plan your actions. These commitments could be longer term goals, medium term objectives or daily habits but whatever they are, our software will walk your employees step by step through the process and give a record which can be used for accountability.

We are able to roll up the responses of your individual employees to give an overview of the organisation’s mindset. With this kind of data you can make informed decisions to provide the right  solutions in the right areas.





I found the perfectionism module to be really useful. I would often miss deadlines with my projects because I was never satisfied with them but the exercise really helped me to see things from a different perspective and I can already tell a difference to the way I work.

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"Mindset came to us not a moment too soon. We had been having conversations in our team for a number of months around making coaching more inclusive and on the back of that, creating a coaching culture at The University of Liverpool. Mindset allows us to make coaching accessible for the masses and as such we believe this will enable our workforce to become more agile, self-aware, resilient and courageous in the future."

Matthew Davies, Organisational Development Adviser, University of Liverpool 

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